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When it comes to student learning and success, you know that nutrition plays a key role. By providing quality, nutritious foods to the students in your program, you help ensure their success.

And their success, in turn, fuels yours.

Dedicated to overall student and SES provider success, Smart Snacks USA provides nutritious snacks to Supplemental Educational Service Providers and other after school/sports programs in the South Florida community and nationwide.

By selecting Smart Snacks USA as your food service provider, you gain the advantage of quality, nutritious snacks delivered on-time and on-budget. Your students gain the advantage of quality, nutritious snacks that can increase their attention and retention levels and contribute to their overall success.

In addition to enhancing student performance, foods provided by Smart Snacks USA can also motivate students to actively participate in your program and increase attendance. With Smart Snacks USA, all factors lead to program success.

Email Leanne Henry,  or call us directly and ask for Gabriel Gonzalez at 305.273.8999 to find out how Smart Snacks USA can meet the needs of your program and make snack delivery a stress free operation.